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Why Language Alive?

Learning another language can be a real challenge!  Unfortunately, common teaching methods that rely too heavily on “drill-and-kill” can turn kids and adults off to learning, and can make language classes feel stifling.  While students may perform well on tests, they do not learn to love using the language.

In Language Alive! you will have fun and feel successful while learning Mandarin.  For example, instead of just looking at the board and repeating new vocabulary words over and over, in Language Alive you will participate in several games and activities that consistently use those new vocabulary words and  phrases.  By the time you have finished these activities, your mind has used the new language repeatedly in different situations…enabling you to learn while having so much fun you will want to keep playing and learning!

This sense of play is all-important for kids.  Research consistently shows that kids learn better and USE what they learn more often when they are having fun.  And for parents, it is certainly easier to bring your children to a class they enjoy rather than having to force them to go!

For adults, this sense of play is particularly important.  While adults often do have the mature attention span to participate in more traditional drill-based education, it is also true that adults often have higher barriers to learning a new language.  Adults are often less willing to take the risks and make the mistakes necessary for improving actual conversational ability in a new language.  So for adults, a sense of play is especially important to “loosen up” the mind to accept and use new language.

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Language Alive! is creating a vibrant, pioneering approach to language acquisition. Please check out our programs in Alameda, San Francisco and San Jose by clicking on the “Classes and Camps” button.

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 English,Chinese,Spanish and more languages.Use games for learning 70 languages+

English,Chinese,Spanish and more languages.Use games for learning 70 languages+

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